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There's nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic NATURAL. And right now, I'm that icon



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    Just Blow it Out Blow it Out Blow It out..

    I never wear a blow out so now I wear a blow out. As I prep my hair for elongated twist I decide to blow it out and rock it before I twist it up. I always blow dry my hair on cool and NEVER forget your heat protector my natty beauties.

    Let your hair blow in the WIND, before you commit any Summer Sins. Ha


    Wicker Park Pop Out + Lobster Roll

    Summer pop outs is a must. Hey man, I’m from cold ChiRaq when we get a little sun we go all in! Lol. I threw on my all black (H&M mini cut out dress + my sheer black long skirt) and added my favorite Urban Outfitter kimono and said Wicker Park here we come.

    Ran up to Wicker Park for shopping and new summer eats. Stopped at the graffiti wall and played around a little. Jamel crazy butt looks like he’s trying to get some “top” from the graffiti misses. He’s such a character lol. I like to think I’m a GOOF that finally found her BALL. Ha

    We finally made our way to De Lobster and lawdy it was delicious. I don’t know why I expected a hot&ready lobster sandwich, it was actually room temperature but the lobster meat was quite filling as it was soaked in a garlic marinade. So soooo yummy! It’s a must try! A bit pricey but hey when is lobster ever cheap?!

    I had the Surf and Turf Roll and Jamel had the Lobster Roll Grill Cheese.

    CareOn! And EatOn! Lobster Roll

    Da Lobster Location- 12 E Cedar St, Chicago


    Back to the Basics

    Curls are popping so my lips are popping thanks to Mac Flat Out Fabulous. Happy to have my #teamnatch back. It’s something about a gal with a curly fro that makes you so indifferent from the rest. After protective style to straight hurr I’m happy being back to Pari.

    She’s baaaack.

    Now LIVE

    Whoop Whoop…Momma I Made IT!

    Look who made it on BUZZFEED.COM…ME oh ME oh ME. To my surprise my As I Am Naturally video and style made it on the popular site Buzzfeed.

    Click the link below to see my feature and also the HOW-TO Video to copy this style.

    Click Here for My Buzzfeed Feature

    Click here to see the TUTORIAL

    Ready + Set + Shoot

    Soooo… My best guy friend Pierre, decided to schedule an editorial shoot for all of his friends, in celebration of his BIG 25th Birthday. He hired photographers, make up artist and booked the shoot to be at Borris Powell studio located downtown Chicago. IT WAS TIME TO WORK!! His theme for the shoot was ALL THINGS BEYONCE. Each scene with friends was a representation from one of her albums.

    Guess what scene I was in…Can you say PARTITIONER? Leggo

    Just SHOP your thoughts AWAY…

    Cummon over here and shop with your favorite kitty. Ran over to H&M for some retail therapy. Things on your mind…Sort them out as you SHOP. Found these super haute finds for cheap.

    I’ve been dying for a red jumpsuit and to my surprise I found this super cute spaghetti strap jumper for $10 dolla holla! Werk werk! Fits perfectly. I’ll take it. #Check

    Then I found this jean midi skirt for $15. Size 2 but I had to squeeze these cheeks in it lol. Basic black H&M croptop $15.

    I’m so fancy… For the LOW… Now DROP and Give me TWENTY..!

    Le werk’

    It’s always fun randomly seeing yourself especially when you’ve done so much underground work that you almost forget wtfudge you’ve been up too. I was so surprised to see my fitness work out prints come to life.


    You can check out this fit girl on where you can find affordable and comfortable work out clothing for my fit gals.

    Le’werk Le’ crunches Le’ abs. Ha

    Bree Hearts Glen

    When it comes to fashion and friends getting there creative vibes on, I get super excited and I’m always delighted to help out. My homegirl Briana finally took her love for sewing and began making custom printed skirts and turbans. She asked me to take some images for her site and style each look simple but cute.

    Check out for custom made mixed print skirt and turbans.


    Protect Me + Senegalese Me

    Can you say protective style time? Oh lawdy it was screaming, (it” referring to my hair) GIRL CHECK YA SELF, before ya wreck me! So I ran to my favorite African Hair Braiding Salon, Dede’s located in Homewood, IL. This was my second visit to Dede’s, in comparison to last years Senegalese twist, my twist were thinner and even shorter. This second time around I knew I wanted them chunkier and much longer. I plan to keep this style for 3 months. One thing I’m certain is I am happy for break. Natty was screaming for protection HELP! I’m pleased! Are you pleased?


    Vacay Vacay Vacay

    Ok so who doesn’t like a quick vacation getaway with their most favorite person in the world? That may just have to be me. Jamel and I headed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina yes Myrtle Beach is in South Carolina and NOT Florida. Lol I’ve gotten that a lot once I mention where we were headed. So we headed there to celebrate our 6 year anniversary and just to get a breathe of different air. Chicago’s cool and all but visiting somewhere new always makes you return home thinking how a vacation is just rejuvenating to your soul.

    We rented out a condo suite, which was mad cheap after purchasing a groupon deal and stayed right on the ocean front. It was so relaxing sleeping with our balcony doors open so we could hear the ocean waves and just enjoy being close to the ocean breeze.

    Instead of rushing to a protective style I decided to wear my #natty and just let it be. I started off with styling my two strand twist and then wearing it out and up in a bun and puff. Keeping it simple because the main focus of this trip was to enjoy my love.

    We LIVED the city I tell you. Jamel is a huge planner, I mean detailed down to the tea, as I sip. Along with parasailing and beach fun, we hit up a mini golf, pool hall, gun range, rock climbing, aquarium and strip club fun.

    Sometimes you just need to get lost with your love. Forget where you came from and just enjoy the getaway.

    Live. Love. Vacay



    #SayWhatSayWhat - Torn by Ronny Kobo

    Turning up on a Monday… I guess it’ll be my thing. Beats being a Monday grumpy kitty. Ha! Finally got to wear my Torn by Ronny Kobo Ellen Baroque Dress for a quick night out. Whoa baby whoa, this long sleeved fine knit dress fits like a glove. This dress is actually long but I decided to hike it up midi style to add dinner date sex appeal. Gold chain cause it’s my thang, Aldo booties suede goodies

    Full Length Torn By Ronny Kobo Dress - Click Link

    Still sitting purty with my blacklips on. Just LIvE!


    Mark Terrance Photography + PariSade = LetsGetIt

    I had the pleasure of working with the Great Mark Terrance on my Frock Shop Chicago HeadShots PhotoShoot. The shoot went so well that we decided to get some full body shots in also. All unedited might I add (Ha) It’s crazy how in life you can meet people in one phase of your life then, years later they pop up again. Mark Terrance and I actually went to high school together which made me 100 times more comfortable while working with him and his team. These guys are MAJOR! Along with being comfortable they cracked me up!! I can’t wait to work with them in the near future! Lets FREAKiNG work CHiCaGo!!

    Live. living. My. liFE

    Check out dope pics by Mark and Team on:


    CHi.CaGo Life

    CHi.CaGo Life



    TeamNatch Friday

    After the week I’ve had when Friday comes I am running to my flats. Oh how I love Casual Fridays. This week has been filled with running around like a MAD WOMEN as I prepared for 2 events. Last night I had the pleasure of attending a fundraiser event for a Cook County Commissioner and this weekend I will be STYLING the StyleQueue segment of the Industry Standards Fashion Show that is taking place this weekend at LaCuna Lofts. I will put details below. But anywhoo, this morning I twisted my hair with my go-to-product, Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner, I let it set for about an hour then untwisted it, and now I have these defined curls that freaking LIVE! LOL. Threw on my Urban Outfitters army and jean combination jacket, black denim jeans, DIY necklace, and my studded flats I purchased at CW Price. Super cheap casual and INStyle. And of course this kitty had to top the look off with Ririwoo Matte Lippie.

    Industry Standards Fashion show purchase tix here:WWW.ISFASHIONSHOWCHICAGO.COM

    #RegDayWork #Work #Aint #Nothin #But #It #Pays #The #BILLS


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