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    Wrapped In Jean.

    Hello FALL!!!! Oh yes oh yes. It’s that FASHION LOVERS season again. All my stylista get it, WE FASHION folks love the fall. It’s the best season to show your true fashion. Pull them boots out girl!!! Get to layering girl!!! Where your brown shades girl??!! Lol. Decided to throw on my JEAN wrap jacket I JUST JUST received in the mail from CHINA.I spotted this jacket floating around instagram a few weeks ago, after seeing it being sold for outrageous prices I took to the internet. Found this baby for $50, well we won’t include the shipping but it was all good. Threw on my Rampage flats I scooped from a local Marshall’s. ALL BLACK EVERYTHING ELSE. As I went about my work day.

    The Look:

    $50 Jean Jacket - SERVES YO MAMA

    $30 Rampage Flats - Fancy Servers

    Natural Hair - SERVES the WORLD and the GODS




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