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    oooohhh Baby J…. #Riding DIRTY

    I’ve always been a lover of all things vintage, so once I found out I was "knocked up" I said…HMM.. what fun vintage things will not only baby enjoy but myself as well!! Then a VINTAGE STROLLER came to mind!! I said ohhh lawdy I must!! It’s not only one of a kind, but it’s sooo fashionable. Not just for baby but for mommie-to-be also. Finally came across this red Perego Vintage Baby Carriage at a New York Thrift shop and had it shipped to me…Shipping was a bit pricey hey from New York to Chicago, plus this baby was HEAVY!! But I’m happy, I hope my mini me will be please as well, it’s quite spacious…Of course Jamel already said he won’t be pushing it aroung!! LOL fine by me…It’s for fancy nights out for MOMMIE and BABY!!!


    More Henna….For my WINNAS!

    Chicago Gals LOVE henna!! And I don’t mind supplying it!! Whenever I have a new client, I try to fulfill there satisfaction to the best of my ability. You want it I got it…dripping like water lol. One wanted hand henna the other wanted breast henna for a photo shoot…Of course I said LETS WERK!!

    Keep challenging me…I will rise to the occasion…It’s what PARI does!



    God blessed me with the SWEETEST LOVE!! I swear whenever I need something new Jamel is right there cheering me on. Easy, breezy days in Chicago means, let’s get out and enjoy each other. I’m a hopeless romantic and Jamel is a laid back go with the flow kind of dude, so he booked us a romantic boat tour evening on Chicago’s 31st Lakefront Beach. We packed our picnic basket with great foods, wine (red for me and baby lol) and fruits then headed to set sail.  

    Red Lip RiRiWoo + Kitty Eye + HM cap + My Beau + It’s ALL Good

    Live and LOVE Live in LOVE

    10.18.145 NOTES Reblog

    Hopping Around w/My BestFran

    Kitty needed a little air. I swear sometimes I feel like I’ve been stuck to the couch for far too long. Being pregnant, I’m telling you the couch, a pillow, and the television becomes your best friend. I swear I can stay on the couch the entire weekend. But my bestfran Pierre said BIA get up and COME OUT!!! Plus the spot we were heading to was local, about 10 minutes away from my home. So I soaked up my final minutes on the couch and headed out close to midnight for some late night early morning play. 

    My homeboy Redgi is heading to Cali to get out of cold Chicago so he had a going away party at his showroom in Pilsen, Chicago. I love when he has gatherings, it’s all about mixing up your crowd and getting to know new cool people. People that are mostly into the arts and fashion, well basically anything Creative!!! 

    I threw on my gold H&M blousy blouse and black H&M high waist trouser, geez these barely buttoned over my baby bump!! I guess it’s time fore some MATERNITY WEAR!!!

    Black Lips + Kitty Eyes + Natural Hair Twist Out + Lets GO!

    Keep on hopping out…Keep on LIVING

    Pregnant Kitty on the Go

    Ran to the suburbs to visit my family. A bit over dressed but hey, whenever I have a chance to throw on some cute threads and show off some baby bump action I say why not? Hey this is a blessing I don’t mind showing off!!

    Threw on my black lippie, thrifted t-shirt dress, paired it with my thigh highs, combat boots and H&M moto leather jacket.

    Natty hair which always gets stares.
    Loving this new glow I have going on! No bronzer intended lol.

    #18weeks #KittysHavingKittens #blessings #pregnancystyle #pregnancyfashion

    Simply Pari.

    Simply Pari.

    Shopping this Baby Bump Around

    Shopping has always been fun, but it’s a bit challenging when you need to select certain clothes for your new baby bump. I’m a Pisces, so some can understand that it’s hard for me to make my mind up with just about ANYTHING! So being pregnant and finding trendy clothing always has my mind boggling. I want to purchase clothes that will still look great post baby, but I also want clothing that look great when my belly grows as well. Whew the life of a women. Why do we have to go through so many complications? Welp… Gotta make do!

    My 4 month baby bump and I ran to H&M to see what the latest trends were, and I was also in search of Fall hats. It’s always hard to find a hat to fit my #teamnatural hair under. Geez it’s a major challenge. Either the hats are too small or my hair basically pushes the hats off. But lucky me and thank you H&M for making hats in a size large! And no my head is not big but my HAIR is!! Thick&Curly! HA

    Copped a hat for $20 - SCORE

    Then this jumpsuit! I’m a jumpsuit loving gal!! Hey they’re so easy to wear!! This army green jumpsuit was also only $20!! I was iffy about purchasing it, again because I am pregnant and I wanted to stay away from clothing that drawstring and tightened in the waist but I said it’s a must it’s only $20. I may not get a lot of pregnancy wear out of it but for now and afterwards it’ll serve!

    Hey can’t beat H&M’s discounted prices for trendy gear!

    CareOn, ShopOn, EatOn, PregoOn

    Grumpy Kitty + Queen Kitty Pari [Revamped Style]

    Hey let’s get away and revamp your wardrobe into styleeee. Lol!! Late night, well I should say early morning seeing as though it was after 1am when I created this queen kitty jean jacket. I was actually thinking about ridding this jean jacket just because I’ve been looking for a better one, but I figured if I’m not happy with it might as well paint it up!!

    Ran to google looking for interesting grumpy kitty pics and came across one wearing a crown and said, Let’s Werk! It took about 2.5 hours to complete this hand painted kitty look. I think it’s well worth it!! I’m going to serve it up as a denim on denim look maybe pair it with some wheat Timbs!

    Lé werk, Lé paint, Lé Queen Kitty


    Guess what the LORD has BLESSED me with? A baby kitty on the way!! Lawdy let me tell you…It’s so funny but yet surprising how things work out. I have been with my partner for 6 1/2 years now (from college til REAL WORLD LOL) and this type of thang has NEVER ever happened to me in my life. When everything is going good I guess God says let’s make it even better. Of course life does not always go in the sequence that you have it playing in your mind, but hey how much control can you have? One day we were closing on a condo, the next day we get the SHOCK of our lives. <Good Shock> might I add. I always said to myself that God knows exactly what steps I am taking before my foot is pressed to the pavement. 

    As I let it marinate…All I can do is think about MY BLESSINGS!!



    More Henna work by me. I swear if I could sit at home ALL day and create create!!! I sure would. But of course all art projects don’t pay the bills so sometimes office work is required. But I LOVE this ISH!! Anything that is dealing with art, painting and just being creative gets my blood pumping. Anyhoo back to my homemade HENNA skills. I had two clients wanting freehand henna art, so I said…Gal sit back and let me work you out!! One chica wanted a henna design up to her elbow, and her friend kept it nice and simple with a basic hand design.


    Boxing Match in Chicago - Leggo

    Quick date night with my man. We decided to stay local and go to the White Sox Stadium for fight night. It was pretty cool seeing some of the Chicago prime time boxers fight at “what they call” their main season event. Staying local sometimes is preferred because we can take our time with walking instead of parking and just enjoying the breeze of Chicago.

    Enjoy the skyline, Enjoy the Sox Park,  Enjoy your Mate on Date Night.

    Let Me Take A CELFIE

    Jumped in the whip with Jamel, feeling all kind of strange and said…well LET ME TAKE A SELFIE! Lol. My curls were SNATCHED so hey why not. What #NATTY doesn’t love a good twist out mixed with a lot of Chicago’s humidity. Looks like I was trying to give a little Sexy Kitten…OR NAH! HA

    Letcha hair live it’s life. 

    We had the droptop low with the GALS out!! LOL

    Hey man let us live even with NO SOUND! HA

    Livin with my sister!! Livin with my LIFE


    Let’s Make this LOVE last…Forever

    Kitty decided to dress in all red and hit the drop top with my sister Shamelah. I paired my previously posted, H&M red jumpsuit with a red floral headband I made and said heyyy LET’S WERK tonight. We were on our way to a red carpet family event, so I thought this look was oh so appropriate. 

    Sometimes you want to feel like your in a dream, that you never have to wake up from…. 

    Let Me Sleep…Let Me Dream…Let Me IMAGINE

    Elongated Twist Out - After my BLOW OUT

    So as you saw in the previous post, I rocked a BLOW out which actually only lasted a day. LOL Hey I’m a curl wearing girl lol. Well shall I say, I’m a twist out kind of girl. So after the blew out I threw some chunky twist in my hair using Shea Moisture’s Curl and Style Milk. I was not looking to accomplish and tightly coiled twist. I wanted an easy style that basically gave me a loose twist look. 

    I think it served it’s purpose for LE Kitty!!

    Live. Always Love

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